Creativity Under pressure - Sara

It seems that I always find myself halfway through about a dozen projects that all need to be completed in the next week or so. Many people ask me what kind of stuff I'm working on, and because I need to get it straight in my own head as well, here's the list of what's started or soon to be started:

-sweater for Grace (body down, 1.5 sleeves to go)
-baby booties (1 bootie down, 7 to go before end of March!)
-cozy for my Palm Pilot (what else do you do with yarn scraps?)
-felted booties - undecided who the lucky recipient will be

-flower girl dress for Grace (have the material now! Wedding's in April)
-cello stand cushion cover (challenging b/c of 3D nature - need Mom VO's wisdom)
-flannel bunnies (2 to go, no deadline)
-knitting needle case out of old jeans & funky cotton print
-Quilt: 42 12" squares quilted, border to go then sew the binding on (project started 1999, time to finish!!) Might have to call Ann to have a "bee" with me and share her expert advice

-logo/stationery for church (sending to press next week)
-misc ads/promos for small business (all summer/fall)
-postcard for church

-accordian photo book for Isaiah
-felt Advent magnets (7.5 of 25 completed)


  1. This is more out of control than I thought. No wonder I can't keep up with what you're doing.

  2. No, not out of control. I know what I'm working on and have "flexible" deadlines for most (ie, it may never get done!)

  3. Hooray!! One pair of hot pink booties completed (ok, the buttons aren't sewn on yet...). Perhaps I'll rethink knitting more booties for baby gifts. These turned out sooo cute, but definitely larger than the 3-6 month size written in the directions. They'll most likely fit this baby when she's a year old! Oh well, they're still really really adorable.

    One design project wrapped up and off to press, and the second waiting for feedback from client. Postcard done waiting consistory approval. See, this isn't so bad after all.