How do we reach out with Jesus?

This is an excellent post by Phil Johnson.
What defines us? Our interests in classical/punk/CCM music? Or Jesus?
Our style of dress? Or Jesus?

Should we conform our lifestyle to the world, to gain an audience for Jesus?
Or be(come) who we genuinely are in Jesus and let the difference from the world attract on its own?

Why is it so many introductions to the latest Christian sub-culture thing end with the strained argument "But it's a Christian song/movie/sports-event/school/club/dance/etc"?

Why is it when I ask our teens what music they're listening to, they flee the scene saying, "Well, it's not Christian," as if that makes it automatically bad?

We do not contextualize the Gospel, but the world. The Gospel is meant to change the world; why are we conforming to the world so people will listen to the Gospel? That's all backwards. At some point, when you're in Athens, you've gotta mention the resurrection of Jesus (Acts 17). At some point, you have to challenge the world's false assumptions. At some point, the genuine article is going to have scoffers...

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