The Best Defense...

Laurence Windham has a great article in the latest Every Thought Captive on evolution. Excerpts:

“At some point, we began to brace ourselves against the world and in doing so allowed our defenses against evolution to define our world-view….

“The results have been disastrous: passages of Scripture such as the story of creation in Genesis 1 & 2 were transformed into polemics instead of praise… a reflection of how we are to glorify God and enjoy Him became ammunition that misfired…. We became conformed to the world of haggling about what is true instead of living out truth.”

Mr. Windham exhorts us well to think upon the good, true and beautiful, a la Philippians 4:8, and in a worry-free, Matthew 6:25-33 sort of way.

“So, instead of filling your head with reactionary-conservative talk radio, listen to a Scripture CD during your commute. Value the Psalms more than the newspaper…”

His point is well-taken. Conservatives are tempted to react against the world, and define themselves by how they are not like the world. Instead, God calls us to glorify Him by delighting in Him. There is the occasional lament in the Word over the wicked, but the focus always returns to God – “but my eyes are upon You, O God.” May we define ourselves by the kingdom coming, by the One who perfectly reflected God’s image.

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  1. Amen! The temptation to equate talk radio with biblical wisdom is both dangerous and prevalent. "Whatever is true, whatever is noble...." "How can a young man keep his way pure?"