Easter like no other

It's Easter today, but I've got a Christmas song running through my head. I've modified it to fit my day:

... 4 nights - no sleep
3 barfing boys
2 knitting needles
and an endless load of laundry...

You can imagine the rest. All these lethargic bodies laying around and napping the days away have actually given me a bit of free time. When Grace and I aren't busy staffing the in-house ER, we've played a lot of Yahtzee together and I was able to finish my knitted blanket.

42" square, US13 circular needles, 6 skeins of Lion Brand wool-ease Thick & Quick.

Two-year olds are the funniest when sick. One moment he's tossing his cookies, then the next he's wearing the barf bucket on this head (clean!), laying upside down on the sofa, or spinning in circles in the living room. That's proof enough that God has a sense of humor.


  1. Love, love, love the blanket, Sara!

    I can feel your pain...I was there just a few weeks ago!


  2. Anonymous3:51 AM

    Hi ya, do you know if I can get a pattern for your lovely blanket? azuregirl@hotmail.com