Fighting sin

You have to have something that pushes the desire for sin OUT. External programs or methods might work short-term, but what about after that?

Build up inward desire for the Lord that doesn't leave much room or opportunity for sinful desires to foster. Spiritual zeal needs to push out sinful desire. You don't remove sin so you can then become spiritual. Think of a scale with two weights on two sides. The weight of "love for the Lord" must grow bigger than the opposing weight of "sinful desire," to tip the scales.

To change the picture. It's like being in a desert without water for 2 days, then coming to an oasis and scooping water into your mouth a few drops at a time to get a drink. This is fighting sin in your own strength. There is a cascading waterfall a few steps away to stand under (receive God's grace, repent to Him, pray, meditate on the Word).

Like wisdom, this zeal is something to ask God for and wait for, more than something you can gin up on your own. You don't make the water. But this isn't an excuse for laziness. You can go stand where it's falling, and look up.

"Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it" - Psalm 81:10.

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