How to get there

"Justification is by the grace of God through faith, and... Sanctification is by law, God's law." Rousas Rushdoony, Institutes of Biblical Law, pg 549. Well. Again, I had an allergic reaction to this, but read the whole section to hear him out. HIS allergic reaction is to people who try to avoid the law in their sanctification, in discerning whether they are pursuing holiness and following God's will. This is right. The pietism that pleases self, that one is holy based on how long you pray or read the Bible without reference to the Text is a real problem. The problem I still have with the above quote is that it implies that grace is not involved in our sanctification. Just submit. Just obey. Go do it. We remain reliant on The Spirit's work, giving us new life and new desires to be willing to turn to the Law and follow it. If the Father is the destination, and the Son is the road, and the Spirit is the car we are in getting us to the Father, then the Law is the lines on the road. Wouldn't be much good having lines without an actual road. Wouldn't be much good having a road and lines, without gas propelling you down the road.

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