Expecting too much leads to sin

This is easily the most insightful and helpful passage I've read, of all 631 pages read thus far.
Glad I stuck with it for this alone.

Rushdoony, Institutes of Biblical Law, pg 630
"The influence of pietism has been an important one.... It's emphasis on sinless perfection has in fact begotten sin. Where men expect a sinless perfection of other men, they are readily led into a sinful intolerance of human frailties. This sinful perfectionism especially abounds... when men find their problems either temporarily or permanently insurmountable. Where problems are insoluble, men then turn on one another. Their basic unhappiness over the insoluble problems manifests itself in trying to 'dissolve' from their midst people who irk them....

"Irritation of man with man increases. There is a low level of tolerance with children, neighbors, husbands, wives, friends and associates....

"We sometimes need correcting, but, much of the time, we must live together mindful of our common frailties..."

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