God's GPS

Prov 5:5-8
Solomon warns his son of the immoral woman. We like to think that the world offers us pleasures that we can grab out of thin air, with little harm coming from it. But in reality, when God says those pleasures are off limits, then they are a path leading to death and hell. We don’t take sinful pleasure to ourselves. That sin takes us to it, and draws us along its path. You’re going somewhere, and it’s unstable. If God feels far away, one reason could be that you’ve gone down the path of sin so far, you don’t see Him anymore. Wisdom calls us back. Don’t depart from her. You need to change your location. Don’t stand near sin or ponder its ways, wishing for things you haven’t been given. Take out your GPS – God’s Positioning System – and recalculate where you should be. Move away from the danger. Move tempting things away from you.


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