Lamenting when we should Persuade

"Paul knew nothing else but 'pluralism' in every city of the empire, no least in Corinth....
However, today with the breakup of monolithic 'modernity' into the fragmentation of the postmodern condition, some Christians lament that cultural diversity and 'pluralism' constitute almost insuperable obstacles to the proclaimation of the gospel. It defies imagination what Paul might have though about these twenty-first-century defeatist laments over 'pluralism' when the more monolithic traditions of the medieval and modern worlds represent only a passing era in the history of the West, unknown to Paul."

Thiselton, 1 Corinthians, Eerdmans: 2006, pg 23.

So true. Many of our laments are little more than, "Oh no, not everyone believes what Christians believe."

Well, go persuade them.

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