Moses Movie; Gay Counselor at Christian College; a Mormon Christmas; and more!

Wheaton College's gay counselor for ministering to same-sex attracted students.
Can the church distinguish between an orientation and behavior?
Should we discourage remaining same sex oriented by hiring such people?
Would it be unfair to isolate such folks, when they have tried and failed to change their orientation, but remain faithful in sexual behavior?
What is the difference between an attraction orientation and an identity?

The Piano Guys put out great music, but watch out for their theology.
A Mormon Christmas is an oxymoron.

Al Mohler's review of the new Moses movie.
My take: don't patronize distortions of Scripture and lies about God told by unbelievers.
Marvin Olasky's take is much more positive.

The Atlantic has a great piece on Marriage in Jane Austen's work.  I liked the part about Darcy buying lots of books.

"Is it not better to be in the deeps with David, hoping in God's mercy, than up on the mountain-tops, boasting in our own fancied righteousness?" - Charles Spurgeon on Psalm 130.

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