Wilson on Islam, Covenant Renewal Worship, and Encouraging Pastors

Here are some gems from Doug Wilson's blog.

On Islam: back on 12/7/15
"Allah is a false god, but he is a hard one. The gods of the West are just as false, and soft. In the realm of the gods, hard cuts through soft, just as in nature. The jihadists are flint-hearted, while the solons of the West are as fine a collection of butterhearts as you might find anywhere.

Faced with this scenario, the residents of the West have three options. We can retain our commitment to our soft gods, in which case we will go down like grass before the scythe. We can turn to a different kind of idol, hard Western idols, and then there will be a real war. I don’t know enough about French politics to say, but we might be seeing the beginning of this in the rapid rise of Le Pen.

The last option is to come to Jesus Christ, confess our sins, repenting of them, and to return, with chastened gladness, to common sense, natural law, right reason, and Scripture."

On Covenant Renewal Worship:
Here's a good article for anyone with second thoughts about Covenant Renewal Worship.  He strikes the balance right between valuing this form of worship, and not being a gnat-strangling purist about it.

On Encouraging Pastors
I profited greatly from this, personally.

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