Liberty for Trump? // Busts of Presidents Past // God's Image

I recently listened to a fascinating interview about Jerry Falwell, Jr.’s endorsement of Donald Trump for president.  Falwell is president of Liberty University, like his father was.  His father never endorsed a candidate for president, even as leader of the moral majority.  Falwell, Jr.’s endorsement has the campus, alumni and donors up in arms.  Liberty University is its own voting precinct, so it’s easy to tell how Liberty’s campus (overwhelmingly students) voted in Virginia’s primary.  Out of more than 1100 votes: 44% Rubio, 33% Cruz, 14% Carson, 8% Trump.

Source - The World and Everything in it - daily podcast by World Magazine

This is a fun little article on large busts made of each president, which was up near me in Williamsburg, Va., for a while.  Now they corrode in a field nearby.

Doug Wilson skillfully connects the crucifixion of Jesus, the current sexual revolution, and the Trump campaign, communicating a true conservative's reason for the frustration with Trump in our cultural moment.

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