Look through It to Him

This table is like the water from the rock, like the manna.  It is the same spiritual food, from Christ that Israel had.  This table is like John the Baptist.  Both John and this Communion table have the purpose to point to Jesus.  Both are in a subordinate role to Jesus.  We can appreciate both, but still not go to the one they point us to.  Many are baptized and get a taste of Christ in preaching, at the Lord’s Table, but their hearts remain unchanged and their idolatry becomes clear.   The wrath of God abides on many, and some of those are found in church on Sundays.

This table is meant as a window, not a mural.  We are to look through it to Jesus Christ and His grace and truth.  We don’t look AT it, but at what is past it.  Many times we are comforted at the flaws or hiccups in the service, because then we know the pastor is "real," too!  And there is a place for that.  But if we are focused on the dirt on the windshield, we aren’t looking at the road.  It’s more important to see the way the truth and the life – to see Jesus - than to focus on the details of the service and of the table.  This table is not a visual destination, a stopping point.  It is meant to carry our hearts, our thoughts, our souls, beyond itself to our Lord for true communion with Him. 

Receive Him, rest on Him alone today. 


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