A new look

Wait! Don't leave! It's still us, I just changed the template.
Learned some HTML coding to get it right. What do you think?

My idea was to make it more readable. The white font on dark and light gray sidebar was getting to me...


  1. Ok. I have a problem with it. I use Firefox as my browser (for various reasons) and your family picture sticks out into the text of the blog. Other than that, it is not bad for a first try :)

  2. I like it! I definitely think it's easier to read!

  3. Did I fix it, Jim?
    I left-justified the pic, instead of centering it...

  4. Aaagh - the designer in me is screaming. Will make some "adjustments" over the next few days as soon as I'm up on HTML...

    Good thoughts should have a good container, eh?

  5. okay....that was a shock! You have the same layout as I do now! Yes, easier to read but boy....what a shocker! :) Your picture comes up well on my screen so I think your fix worked.

  6. The picture still goes over the text, (and over the dotted verticel line for that matter) but that may be my laptop as it only has an 800x600 screen. I'm trying to think how you might fix it, but I am not sure. I haven't really looked at how one can customize blogger setups.

    It is much easier to read though.

  7. Hey. It looks great today.

  8. We changed it last night again, finding something we both liked.

    Lots of busy work in html, though.
    Can't get sidebar text left justified, that's my only complaint...

  9. HTML is always a lot of fun to learn. I have a passing knowledge of it, but can't seem to find the time to really do some extensive work on my web-page. I like your new look though, you did good.

    As to the left justifying of the left column, I'm not sure how you could fix that as I am not sure how the column is set up. Looking at the page source it looks like the column is paragraphs using h2 tags before and after. The old way to align these was with the opening h2 definition add the command align="left" inside the less than h2 (stuff) greater than symbol. Yes it is very hard to explain how to do this in a comment that recognizes html formats

    Something like this using a () instead of < and > (h2 align="left")

    Of course the source you may be using may be completely different from what my browser shows as reveal source, so this may not help at all.

  10. Thanks for the tip, Jim.
    Problem is, this template style is out there on the web, not editable very well unless I know what the whole thing is saying. I'll try the h2 thing, though...