Da Vinci's Bible

Giving the pre-reformation history exam at classis today, and realizing the importance of knowing history to giving us confidence in our faith and answering skeptics and doubts, I found myself back in "Da Vinci Code mode." Coming in at #2 on the Itunes podcast charts: Josh McDowell's "Da Vinci answers." Some great stuff, including this quote.

"I know a certain gospel, which is called the Gospel according to Thomas, and a Gospel according to Matthias, and many others here which we have read. Lest we should in any way be considered ignorant because of those who imagine they possess some knowledge if they are acquainted with these. Nevertheless, among all these we have approved solely those which the church has recognized, which is that only the 4 gospels should be accepted."

Origen of Alexandria wrote this in the 200s! Before Constantine and councils were around, which Dan Brown says suppressed those gospels.

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  1. Dan Brown's research is woefully lacking, to the point of wondering if he actually did any research at all. The "facts" he presents are far from fact, yet, I wonder how many people will even care. It seems the Po-mo approach would be to say, "But that is true for him."