Wife Week - Day 7 - Survival of the Fittest

Whew! The week has finally come to a close, and that means tomorrow starts a week of vacation for our family! There's the Reformed view of "perserverance of the saints," and then there's perserverance of the saints. This week we were called to perservere like never before:

Sunday pm/Monday am - Owen goes to ER with ear infection/burst eardrum
Thursday - Isaiah goes to doctor with ear infection/burst ear drum
Sunday (today) morning - Grace goes to ER with ear infection

Steve: Monday & Tuesday night meetings, Thursday pm Acension Day service, Friday pm wedding rehearsal, Saturday pm wedding and nephew's graduation open house, Sunday 2 services

Sara: Wednesday all day away with sister-in-law, Friday planted garden and potted plants, and general administration of antibiotics and medicines

God intervened and provided weather which threatened tornados, thus the Thursday pm service was cancelled. He also provided a much-improved back for me, enabling me to do all the extra work required with sick children.

Tomorrow we plan to start our vacation with a local hometown Memorial Day parade and pancake breakfast, then escaping for 2 nights to a cabin near Lake Michigan while the kids enjoy time with the grandparents. Time for a deep breath.... and then on with the summer!

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  1. Goodness! All three children with ear infections, one after another? I can only imagine having to cope with that. And yet you survived. God gives us strength to handle all our difficulties, doesn't He?

    Enjoy your vacation!