At my knit's end

WARNING: HIGH KNITTING CONTENT TO FOLLOW. Any fiber-phobes please exit now.

I too have succumbed to the Christmas knit mania, deciding to inflict (ahem, gift) my knitting onto a loved one. Who and what shall remain undisclosed, as said gift has yet to be finished. Which brings me to...

LAST MINUTE KNIT-IT. This is a disease that we knitters contract. Intentions of pacing a large project out over time start out great, but there is an inner need to put it all off until the last minute. Maybe it's to prove something to ourselves, maybe it's because we spend too much time just fondling and adoring the fiber content of our yarn. So I find myself leaving on a road trip in less than 24 hours in the midst of picking up over 300 stitches. Then having to knit those quite a few times. And finish off the whole deal. Why do I keep telling myself that 15 hours in a minivan with 4 children is more than ample for such a feat? Wake up and smell the diapers!!

Another tell-tale sign of "last minute knit-it" is the overwhelming desire to CAST ON for another project while facing the impossibility of finishing the first project by the due date! Oh yeah, I have a serious form of this malady. Check out these babies! Makes my fingers twitch.
The best part: hundreds of tidy cables in hot pink yarn. I'm never wearing shoes again!


  1. Oh my goodness! Those socks are gorgeous!
    Stitchers have the same diseases! I had planned to take of school this whole week before we leave for our trip in order to finish up various sewing projects. Have I sewn? I have been so busy do everything else that the first time I sat down to sew was last night...stayed up until midnight furiously trying to finish a project! I hope to sew a lot today, but that is only if everyone else does what they are supposed to! LOL!

  2. Good luck Margaret - I finished my project by noon today (all except buttons, which need to be purchased yet!) Oh well, guess I'll finish and wrap it up in MI...