Jedi Pasttimes

This is what Princess Leia does in her spare time, making toddler-friendly light sabers and Yoda ears. What better way to practice using the force without actually inflicting bodily harm?

Wow. This is knitting gone too far! The kid's face says it all.

And for all the guys at CHRF who'll be in on the SW-a-thon: I'm getting busy already! My stash of lime green yarn finally found a good use!

(for more really geeky yarn creations, visit this site)

1 comment:

  1. weird... i totally thought that was zach at first sporting one of your latest creations (he/she kinda resembles your kids!) :)

    i really like the digestive system. actually, i wonder if anyone who sits and knits a colon is somewhat disturbed...

    p.s.--are you guys coming to MI this summer, or did the house purchase change that?