Technicolor Living Room

Since it's been ages since Steve posted anything, I'm stepping up. Remember me? I'm slowly surfacing from the deluge of boxes and piles of stuff resulting from our recent move. I love moving to new houses just for the decorating challenge. I love to decorate. Love it. It's a blank canvas, and let me tell you, our living room is the ultimate in BLANK canvas. Cream walls. Cream carpeting. Cream window sheers. Dreamy creamy.

Don't get me wrong - cream/ecru/off-white/beige, whatever you call it - is a great color. It has it's proper place. But not all over the place. My challenge is to put some color, zing into our home. That scares the hubby, I think. I painted our bedroom dark blue. His study is terra cotta with a burnt sienna ragged-off glaze. Mmmm. The boys, well, they got serviceable khaki just because they're boys and I'll probably need to repaint in two years. Those satellite rooms were easy decisions, but this living room, the heart of the home, open to all who pass through our door, it is essentially the defining essence of "Hemmeke." OK, not really, but I take color seriously. I collected about 50 different color chips just to select the three colors mentioned above!

So, what will it be? Neutral - khaki, chocolate, taupe; or something more daring - eggplant, goldenrod, salmon? I'm searching for that inspiration nugget that will set the creativity dancing. Stay tuned...

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  1. oooohh, i can't wait! :)

    what color did grace get?