Palin: a legit exception

A woman in civil leadership is a legitimate exception to the normal run of things, whether it's Queen Elizabeth or the local school board. She is not forbidden by Scripture outright for this, but her priority is in the home first, which will garner different results than the egalitarian, 50/50, glass ceiling crowd want.

Doug Wilson, on the same: "When the apostle Paul tells us that women must not be allowed to teach or have authority over men in the Church (1 Tim. 2:12-15), he makes the argument from the creation order as established in Genesis....

"Paul is making a particular application of a general creation principle. The general principle applies everywhere men and women go, and whatever they do. The particular application for the Church has to do with women not being allowed to teach men or exercise authority over them. The applications of the same general principle in the other realms (civil and family) need not be identical applications and, given the differences of function between the three realms, will probably not be the same. But the general principle still governs everything. Men are men wherever they go, and women are women wherever they go. The order in which we were created is relevant all the time.

"In the realms of households and civil orders, we find anomalous situations such as those of Lydia and Deborah. There is no indication that either of these two women were doing anything sinful or wrong or disordered in what they were doing. But, given the creation order, they were doing something unusual. The fact that something is lawful and exceptional does not keep it from being exceptional."

For the rest of the article, expanding and nuancing the argument, click here.

And, from a later post of Wilson's: "Feminism is a heresy. Accommodations with feminism on the part of Christians who cannot see what is at stake is worse than folly. But rigid over-reactions to feminism don't help us."

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