Still Got It!

The old film camera was unearthed this weekend to finish off a roll. I intended this to be it's final hurrah, but I fell in love with the manual-ness of it all. Twist, squint, click. That real shutter sound! I like my digital camera a lot, especially with fast-moving children who blink at the wrong time, but I love the feel of film cameras too much to get rid of it. My ultimate dream come true would be to find another Pentax K1000 completely manual camera again. I had one in college but it died beyond my financial means to repair it.

Here's the evidence that film's still got it:

And here's a rare occurrence - me in my wedding dress (barely breathing), celebrating 10 years after the original debut.

Check out those python upper-arms! Don't tangle with mama!

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  1. Four children later and you can still get your dress on! That's amazing! :) You look great!