Call to confession - 2/22/09

Malachi 3:1-5

We just sang that we look to the Lord for help in trouble. But when He comes He comes first to purify us. We desire Him, but can we endure Him, when He comes? He doesn’t put up with our casual looks or our lingering lusts, with our massaging the truth or our intentional lies, with our holding back helping the widow or breaking financial obligations.

The messenger of the covenant purifies us, not only to save us from the ravaging effects of sin in OUR lives, but to have a holy people for Himself. Our confession and forgiveness isn’t just relief for us, it brings glory to Him. We confess our sins, not out of self-preservation, to get out of the corner we backed ourselves into. We confess for the same reason we gather for worship, listen to the Word, receive Communion, and serve Him in the world. We confess our sins to glorify the Lord in our lives, even in the way He deals with our sin.

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