Communion Exhortation - 3/1/09

Jesus loved the Church and gave Himself for her, as we remember here, to cleanse and present her to Himself perfect. Each of us nourishes and cherishes our own body. We use our head and hands to feed our body. Well, Jesus nourishes the church like that. We are members of his body, of His flesh and bone. This is a great mystery, but you see His hands feeding you now as the elders distribute the bread and wine; you’ve heard His voice speaking to you in the sermon.

Do you love Jesus? Do you want to serve Him? We need to start by receiving the gifts He gives us. His Word, His church leaders, His people. Believe that whatever fire the Lord puts you through, God has redeemed you and made you His child. He will not let you go, but will gather you to Himself with the rest of His people, in full joy and gladness in His kingdom.

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