A sock, becoming

This must be one of the most disconnected and schizophrenic blogs ever. Bibliophile theology-talking pastor meets fiber-crazy artist woman. Really. This is reality for us, and somehow, it works very well.

Onto more photos of my feet in half finished socks (it's like an unfinished novel, a song paused on the third beat, a breath not exhaled...):

First, a *b*e*a*d*e*d* lace knee sock! oo la la! This sock is so pretty, I tried it on and exclaimed that I felt like an Ice Princess!! Book Man snickered at that.

See the sparkly beads below? Look closely. It's so pretty, but what a PAIN to knit. I'm stringing these teeny beads on one-by-one with dental floss. Ugh. I'm still on the first sock, started April 1st.

Here's a proper sock, knit from the cuff down, just like our great grandmas did. Ah yes, this is much faster than fiddly beads. I knit all this in one day (Mother's Day!). Purple isn't my color, so I'm looking for the right person who would appreciate hand knit lace socks AND remember to hand-wash them.

All this might raise the question: why do I bother to knit socks when I can buy them for MUCH less at the store?

For many reasons. You can't find socks like this at the store, nor do they last as long, nor do they fit my LARGE feet (unless I buy men's, and they don't usually put beads on men's socks). Second, I really enjoy the art form. But more importantly, there is a connection to our Creator. This is an intimate beauty that might go totally unseen and unnoticed by the public (until I blog photos!). It's creating something lovely for the sake of loveliness, because God is the source of all loveliness. It's bringing heaven to earth, transforming dirty sheep's wool into so much more!

Isn't that a great picture of sanctification, of what's happening to each of us? Yes, we're all becoming socks, each very becoming.

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