Worthy receiving of the Supper

Again these are glorious truths in the catechism. First, in this meal, we are united with Christ and are fed spiritually. Second, we must partake with faith, so we don’t eat and drink judgment on ourselves. There are two easy errors we find ourselves in, that correspond to these two truths. First, Communion is a sacrament that involves giving and receiving bread and wine. Communion doesn’t start when I finish talking and you raise the bread to your lips. Breaking and offering the bread is part of it. You receiving from your neighbor is part of it. Tearing off the bread is part of it. Giving and receiving requires more than one person. Christ is mediated through others, at Communion. The second easy error to make, is to examine yourself to make sure you are worthy, scrambling around in your brain for some pious thoughts, so you feel worthy to partake. But worthy receiving is looking at yourself and seeing nothing worthy to deserve Christ. Worthy receiving looks away from yourself to Christ, not so much to how sincere YOU are, how resolved you are, how faithful you feel now. Worthy receiving gets beyond how worthy or not you are being, to Christ. Set your eyes upon Him.


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