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Observations from the November 2013 Virginia’s governor race
The one mainstream media article I read was predictable in its analysis: the conservative Republican Cuccinelli lost because he was too conservative. Right, (sarcasm alert) that’s objective and trustworthy information. Or it’s the standard playbook attempt by the media to influence the Republican establishment, intimidating them to not run such a great candidate again, for fear of losing.

Lieutenant Governor candidate EW Jackson, a very conservative African American pastor, got only 20,000 less votes than Cuccinelli. I think the real story here is that such a conservative platform got so many votes, only losing by 1 percentage point. The Republican establishment wants middle of the road guys, but the conservatives like Cuccinelli garner votes.

If half of the voters for the libertarian party had voted for Cuccinelli instead, he would have won. How many Christians did not vote? I don’t know. Instead of blaming let’s exhort for the future. Know the issues and elections in your area. Ask candidates about social issues (Republicans are ignoring them, more and more – don’t let them.) Go vote.

For lack of 56,000 voters, out of 2 million, we have a Clinton crony at the helm of our state.

On health care
Americans seem to expect nationalized health care. It’s the only way, we think, to keep the system from crashing. But we also want to keep our own plans.

Obama led us on in thinking we COULD keep our plans. “Some of the less fortunate need health care plans, too, but that won’t affect you.” Right. We’re trying to get something for nothing, and until we quit it, we’re headed for trouble. I’m glad mainstream America is seeing Obama’s deception, but why are we so selfish and stupid, to believe it in the first place?

Only when the economy is growing and jobs are increasing can all parties prosper more. But this Obamiasma we are in from his heavy regulation and business-hostile environment won't get us there.

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