Eric Liddell

The Flying Scotsman: The Eric Liddell StoryThe Flying Scotsman: The Eric Liddell Story by Sally Magnusson

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Chariots of Fire made Eric Liddell famous. He refused to run on Sunday in the Olympic Games, and wound up winning the gold in another event as a result.

This book goes beyond the movie, to the rest of Eric's life. He gave up a life of sporting fame for the mission field in China, during a turbulent, war-torn period of her history in the 20s and 30s. He was often caught between Japanese and Chinese armies, seeking to bring the gospel to the natives.

He died in a Japanese internment camp in china. Few know this.

During his time there, he coordinated sporting events, but refused to participate on Sundays. Still, he refereed a sporting event on a Sunday there. Read the book to find out why.

There's a bit too much uninteresting detail - thus the four stars instead of five. But this is a worthy and inspiring biography.

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