On the ninth day of Christmas

my True Love gave to me:

Nine Spirit fruits

Love: desiring the truest good for others (godliness) and God's glory. 1 John 4:7-11.
Joy: rejoicing in God's grace and gifts to us in Himself and in others. Luke 1:47.
Peace: a heart at rest in God's justification (Romans 5:1), not restless or hostile.
Patience: willing to suffer long with and for others (2 Tim 2:24); faithfully waiting for God to fulfill His purposes (Rev 1:9).
Kindness: tenderness to the fragile frame of others (Ephesians 4:32).
Goodness: keeping the golden rule positively; not just avoiding harming, but doing good.
Faithfulness: both faith itself (a gift of God, Eph 2:8), and trustworthiness with others.
Gentleness: meekness, lack of harsh forcefulness (Matthew 5:5).
Self-control: not wild indulgence, but deliberate pursuit of godliness in word and action (Titus 2:1-7).

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