On the tenth day of Christmas

my True Love gave to me:

Ten good commandments

The summary of the law God gave Israel on Sinai, it expands slightly on the two greatest commandments, love for God and love for neighbor. We love God by serving only Him, not worshiping Him through images, not bearing His name hypocritically or otherwise in vain, and by keeping the Sabbaths He has given us.

We love our neighbor by honoring our parents and other authorities, refraining from murder, adultery, theft, lying, and coveting their goods in our heart.

The Westminster Catechisms have a helpful explanation of what each commandment positively requires and forbids. Keeping the sixth commandment means more than just not physically killing anyone.

One delight of the law and these commandments specifically, is that they can be used to convict us of sin leading to repentance, and also to guide us in righteousness after we receive mercy.

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