Strolling the Links - Mar 13

1. Ed Welch "counsels," then confronts an ornery old man.

2. Jeff Meyers argues in "The Lord's Service" that the worshiper is represented in the Old Testament by the sacrifice. This can be hard for many to grasp or accept. Isn't Jesus the sacrificial Lamb? Well, yes. And aren't we united with Jesus Christ?  John Calvin puts it this way:
"We must become sacrifices to [God]. Now a sacrifice presupposes death. True, there is no sword to kill us, but the word of God must be the sword to pierce us (Eph 6:17). So we must be put to death in that way.... The kind of fear that leads us to God."
Sermons on Genesis, page 260.

3. Coke applies the cone of shame to you and your cell-phone.
Great music and concept. 90 seconds.

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