Strolling the Links - Mar 12

A new feature here - strolling the links. Weblinks, that is.

“When we view homeschooling as the answer instead of a tool, we enslave ourselves and our children to a life of performance and a level of expectation which can never be met…
We desire outstanding behavior and academic excellence from our children, not firstly to please the Lord, but so people will look favorably on our abilities as a homeschooling Mom....
This is pride. It is ugly, dangerous, sinful, divisive, and it will kill the homeschool movement if we let it live among us. Sooner or later, destruction will come and the fall of ourselves and our children is inevitable if we teach them to believe that success is found in the sand of methodology instead of the Rock of Ages.”

Mrs. Bush: “Did you read about the man who died and his obituary … said, ‘Don’t send flowers, don’t send donations to anything, cancel your New York Times subscription.’ So I did.”

The end of the obit for the veteran reads: “In lieu of flowers, the family asks that you cancel your subscription to The New York Times.”

Peter Jones reviews a fascinating book: “Courtship, Engagement, & Marriage in Calvin's Geneva”
An excerpt: “Sexual immorality was just as big a problem then as it is now. Fornication, adultery, rape, multiple wives, incest, sex for money,  prostitution, men leaving their wives, men beating their wives, etc. It is all there. But they did address it all publicly and privately. They also worked to create better social structures that dampened the enthusiasm for immorality or cut it off at the source. Two examples will show this effort. First, one man was running a brothel. He and his wife were kicked out of town and told that if they came back they would be whipped. Second, once you were engaged you had six weeks to marry. If you were slower than that the Consistory would call you in and ask why. If you had no legitimate reason they would force you to get married. This was designed to shorten the time when fornication between an engaged couple would be most likely.”

19:00-20:30 – The Supreme Court says we must determine truth for ourselves, booting God off the throne.
24:10-25:30 – on judging others versus judging actions. Love the sinner, hate the sin. Who denies this distinction today? Hint: it's not Christians.

The culture is now applying a double standard in rejecting Christian values while insisting on acceptance of homosexual behavior. Eric Metaxas tells us not to complain in this 4 minute commentary.

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