Lord's Prayer, Lord's Table

The Lord’s Prayer fits at the Lord’s Table.  It is our Father who provided this meal for us.  He is in heaven.  We elders and deacons standing up here are stand-in hosts for Him.  His name was kept holy by the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross.  Jesus showed us what God’s justice requires against sin.  He brought the kingdom near, since He is the king.  He did God’s will on earth.  

Jesus is the bread of life that comes down from heaven.  How could God not give us all things, since He has already given us Jesus?  By this sacrifice, He has forgiven us our sins, and shown us how to forgive others.  As we eat at this table, the Spirit keeps us from the table of wickedness.  This table gives us a glimpse of Christ’s kingdom coming, His power and glory.  Let our prayers ascend as we think on His grace given to us.


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