Aunts Aren't Gentlemen

Aunts Aren't Gentlemen (Jeeves, #15)Aunts Aren't Gentlemen by P.G. Wodehouse

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I haven’t read Wodehouse in a while, and he doesn’t disappoint. The fools and schemers that clutter Bertie Wooster’s life constantly implicate him, and require his resourceful valet Jeeves to extricate him.

In this episode, a bit unique in how full it is of physical and violent threatenings (or I'd just forgotten), Bertie’s Aunt schemes to fix a horse race by stealing a cat and hiding it at Bertie’s cottage.

The way Wodehouse weaves colorful metaphors, Biblical and literary allusions into sentences referring to the most banal of events is truly magical. He delights the reader and instructs the writer throughout.

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