Elders Shepherd // Leading Worship // Bono Sings Psalm 23

After a hiatus, I'm back with articles I think build up Christians in their faith and how to bear witness to Christ in our culture.

Peter Jones, CREC pastor in West Virginia, lays out what church elders need to do as shepherds.

Practical tips on how to lead worship.

Bono and Eugene Peterson on the Psalms.
On singing the Psalms in church as a kid: "Great words, shame about the tunes," except for Psalm 23.
At 11:10 Bono sings Psalm 23B, from the Book of Psalms for Singing.
At 14:30-16:10, the importance of feelings.
At 16:10 Peterson says "We need to find a way to cuss without cussing."  The answer?  Imprecatory Psalms.

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