A Small Cup of Light

A Small Cup of Light: A Drink in the DesertA Small Cup of Light: A Drink in the Desert by Ben Palpant

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A compelling account of a journey from self-reliance, to a crash in the dark, to an encounter with God and a bit of light.

This short book was enormously convicting and encouraging to me personally, as Palpant has the same idol I tend to have: self-reliant productivity. The dangerous tendency to believe that I am my work, and can do it on my own.

He hits every note well: how our fears drive us, the need to surrender to God, His sovereign control in trials, how He gives us just enough manna in our desert to make it, how He is teaching us in our suffering.

Get this book to recover your anchor in the Lord in the fiery trial God takes you through. Depend on the Lord, as a servant looks to his master (Psalm 131).

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