PhilippiansPhilippians by James Montgomery Boice

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An excellent series of sermons on Philippians by the late James Boice.

I was a bit surprised at how topical they were, though. He pulls out a theme from a text of only one or two verses, and then would often go to another Scripture that dealt more fully with that theme and almost exposit THAT text instead! This gives folks more exposure to the Bible, though, which is good.

Also, he goes so slowly through the text that you sometimes lose the big picture of the whole letter. He could have come back to the context more often, but that’s what comes of delving deep, as he does well. This is not to say he missed the point of the text – he is very seldom off base about what the text is saying.

This commentary is solidly and reliably true to Scripture. It is not a “for-pastors-only” kind of commentary, since it is a collection of sermons and not a critical analysis of the text. Any believer will be helped in their walk with Christ by reading this volume along with Philippians.

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