Former Muslim's thoughts // Not the Kingdom of Eisenhower // Stage Two of the Church's Exile

World spotlights a former Muslim working with Ravi, now.
4 questions and answers.
I most enjoyed how we should view Muslims amidst all the fear.  After pointing to a Biblical view of all men as sinners, he says "the ultimate answers come from not fearing the other, but seeing ourselves in the other."

He also gives a good brief for religious liberty. When we want to defeat Islam in the battle of ideas, that can lead to stifling and marginalizing them, as they tend to do with Sharia when they gain the upper hand. But it's the wrong road.  Instead of circling wagons and keeping them out, we need more interaction and discussion to bring them the message of grace in Jesus.

Here's a paragraph that reminds me why I read Doug Wilson:
"Centuries ago Augustine wrote his great work The City of God. He did this because Rome had been sacked by Bernie supporters, and many Christians who had too glibly equated Rome with the kingdom of God needed some encouragement. The United States of America, as it was in the times of the good Dwight Eisenhower, is not the same thing as the kingdom of God. The disappearance of the former is not the same thing as the disappearance of the latter. The kingdom of God is doing very well. The America I grew up in, not so much. Idolaters are always discouraged when the idol falls, but Christians serve the living God of Heaven."

3.  The Gospel Coalition has a great article up about the cultural exile to which Christianity has been relegated.
"Babylon is not interested in trying to out-think us, merely overpower us. Apologetics and new ways of doing church don’t cut it in Babylon. Only courage under fire will."

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