SING to Him!!

I found this on vacation a month ago, and just unearthed it on my desk now...

From Great Verses from the Psalms, by Charles Spurgeon

"Sing unto Him a new song: play skillfully with a loud noise." - Psalm 33:3

"Sing unto Him a new song.  All songs of praise should be unto Him.
Singing for singing's sake is worth nothing.  We must carry our tribute to the King, and not cast it to the winds.  Do most worshippers mind this?  Our faculties should be exercised when we are magnifying the Lord, so as not to run in an old groove without thought.  We ought to make every hymn of praise a new song.  To keep up the freshness of worship is a great thing, and in private it is indispensable.  Let us not present old worn-out praise, but put life, and soul, and heart, into every song, since we have new mercies every day, and see new beauties in the work and word of our Lord.

"Play skillfully.  It is wretched to heart God praised in a slovenly manner.  He deserves the best that we have.  Every Christian should endeavour to sing according to the rules of the art, so that he may keep time and tune with the congregation.  The sweetest tunes and the sweetest voices, with the sweetest words, are all too little for the Lord our God.  Let us not offer Him limping rhymes, set to harsh tunes, and growled out by discordant voices.  With a loud noise.  Heartiness should be conspicuous in divine worship.  Well-bred whispers are disreputable here.  It is not that the Lord cannot hear us, but that it is natural for great exultation to express itself in the loudest manner.  Men shout at the sight of their kings.  Shall we offer no loud hosannahs to the Son of David?"

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