Is the End of Mark Canonical? // Vote for Saruman! // Family Devotions Fail

This article rejecting the long ending of Mark was thought-provoking, and includes a good response from an advocate of the long ending in the comments.

I just read the part in Fellowship of the Ring where Saruman tells Gandalf they must join with Sauron and "ride it out."  Then this from Doug Wilson, on who to vote for:
"Suppose someone said that he was going to vote for Saruman over Sauron because he thought Saruman was a “wizard with flaws.” That is a description of someone who is in the process of being seduced. Suppose someone else voted for Saruman, not because he supported Saruman at all, but because he would rather have the final fight with Saruman. This is quite different. It goes without saying that we were going to be in a fight whichever bad guy won. This is a position I strongly differ with, but it is not a position that gets maneuvered into calling evil good and good evil (Is. 5:20).
 Tim Challies explains why family devotions often doesn't happen.

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