Who Protects Daughters? // Ethics of Voting // Patriotism's Limits

1. Instead of focusing on protecting daughters from unsuitable suitors, how about teaching them to have good judgment themselves?  Maybe this isn't an either/or, though...

2. Interesting take here on the ethics of voting.  Basically argues that a pragmatic vote can be an ethical one.  Voting your conscience can't claim all the moral high ground.  Gets pretty philosophical, though.
“The paramount moral question in every voter’s mind therefore should be this: which of the most likely outcomes will promote the greatest good or avoid the greatest evil? If this is not the paramount question for the conscientious voter, then what is? … These kinds of difficult calculations indicate that predicting consequences is often very difficult. But that is not a good reason not to try, especially when the outcome of our choice is so consequential, as it surely is in the coming election. We should not let a false view of moral purity undermine our ability to act for the good as citizens and human beings. It is only when we are clear on the principles that guide how to vote that we can know for whom to vote.”

3. CS Lewis and Mark Altrogge keep our desire for a godly nation subordinate to our desire for our heavenly country, of which we are citizens.

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