What is this stuff?

Our friends in Michigan recently posted this image of their driveway on their blog, the results of a good ol' lake-effect snowstorm:

She said this photo was taken at 4pm - AFTER she had already dug out and drove the van in the morning! Oh, to be there, skiing on all that fluff through a silent pine forest. There really is nothing quite like the silence of a snow-laden pine forest, something of which suburbia could use a good dose.

Do you notice how grey everything in the photo is? That's not due to bad photography, that's just what winter in Michigan looks like, pretty much from November to March. Hang in there friends, it'll all be over (come May). In the mean time, you can visit sunny VA! :)


  1. that picture could have just as easily been taken out of our front door. the amount of snow we've gotten in the past couple of days is just really really nice. :)

  2. ah yes, a good michigan winter always makes up for itself somehow... we are now paying for all that "warm" weather we experienced early on in the season (like when you were here wishing you could ski!)

    i'm pretty sure it has been snowing here ever since i took that picture about 3 weeks ago.