Communion exhortation 7/15/07

Text - 1 Samuel 25, when Abigail goes out to David with food and humility

Wisdom prepares a table for all who will come. Just as Abigail prepared and brought food for David and his men. Just as Christ’s disciples asked Him where they should prepare the Passover. Just as the Spirit enables the Church to prepare a Table for disciples of Jesus here.

The Church has been spoken for as Christ’s Bride. She is meant to have her blemishes removed. We are meant to grow up to look and act like Lady Wisdom of Proverbs. And so we set tables. We serve one another. We go all out to make peace between those at war.

First on the list of food that Abigail brought was bread and wine. As we come to this bread and wine now, we pray that it does what it did for David. We pray that it brings us up short in our sin, keeping us from future sin. We pray that the humble, servant posture of those preparing and presenting this meal may add to that conviction of sin. We pray that those setting tables in their families may have a similar effect, spurring the rest of the body on to holiness.

The bread and wine don’t do this on their own; it is the Spirit of Wisdom, sent by the Father and Son into our hearts, producing faith in Christ, faith in His righteousness and His death to pay the wages of our sin.

We proclaim that death now.

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