Demi-gods and wine in Narnia

In the middle of the feast Aslan throws, toward the end of Prince Caspian, before the complete restoration (think Communion!),...

"One [of the party] was a youth, dressed only in a fawn-skin, with vine-leaves wreathed in his curly hair. His face would have been almost too pretty for a boy's, if it had not looked so extremely wild. You felt, as Edmund said when he saw him a few days later, 'There's a chap who might do anything - absolutely anything.'... There were a lot of girls with him, as wild as he....

"The man on the donkey, who was old and enormously fat, began calling out at once,
'Refreshments!'.... Everyone began eating, and... you have never tasted such grapes...."

"'I say, Su, I know who they are.'
"The boy with the wild face is Bacchus and the old one on the donkey is Silenus. Don't you remember Mr. Tumnus telling us about them long ago?'
"'Yes, of course. But I say, Lu - '
"'I wouldn't have felt safe with Bacchus and all his wild girls if we'd met them without Aslan.'
"'I should think not,' said Lucy."

Near the end, when Aslan restores Narnia, he comes to a home in the village of Beruna, with an old woman, sick in bed...

"She was at death's door, but when she opened her eyes and saw the bright, hairy head of the lion staring into her face, she did not scream or faint. She said, 'Oh, Aslan! I knew it was true. I've been waiting for this all my life. Have you come to take me away?'

"'Yes dearest,' said Aslan. 'But not the long journey yet.' And as he spoke, like the flush creeping along the underside of a cloud at sunrise, the color came back to her white face and her eyes grew bright...

"'Here you are, mother,' said Bacchus, dipping a pitcher in the cottage well and handing it to her. But what was in it now was not water but the richest wine [John 2], red as red-currant jelly, smooth as oil, strong as beef, warming as tea, cool as dew."

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  1. Isn't it lovely?
    You're making me want to just sit down and read them all again!
    So now, which is your favorite book?
    The older boys say that one of our family traditions is to read Narnia and for Mom to cry. ;)