Ooh La La

My daughter and I strive to be feminine and ladylike, so we wear skirts. Not all the time, because some days require a good pair of jeans with the knees blown out. Of course, my daughter loves the "twirly" skirts - a best skirts can get parallel to the ground while spinning on her toes. This leaves some modesty issues to be visited.

And then I saw the Skirty. Think 1930's underpinnings meets 1980's biker shorts. It's cute & girly. It's functional. It's fun.

Check out Rebecca Merkle's site, then take another look at the dresses the girls are wearing. They're beautiful and made by Mrs. Merkle as well. Can't wait until she starts selling those, too!


  1. Niece Hannah approves of a good swirly skirt by telling us that it "works"!
    I saw those, I wish she would sell them for bigger girls.
    Check out http://www.candleonthehill.net/
    They sell patterns, but have a cute pantaloons one.

    Also, for the winter, those cute flannel pj pants that all of the young girls where like street clothes can be cut down and lace added to make warm pantaloons.

  2. The pajama-pants-as-street-wear trend must stop. I cannot tell you how many offenders of this category I saw in the airports last week. The worst was the seafoam green fleece pants with cupcakes printed all over. Ugh.

    Good swirly skirts for moms are hard to find, too. But be careful to only test them out in the privacy of your own home! ;)