February is Quilting Month - Part 2

Lots of thinking about quilts lately, and no, I haven't been thinking (or touching) my own patchwork quilt I set about to finish this month.

Currently I'm restoring my great-grandmother's quilt. The edges have literally worn out, leaving layers of quilt flapping in the breeze. Pieces of bright aqua sashing (strips of fabric between the blocks) have holes torn in them. It's not so pretty to see, but it's a treasure to see inside the quilt. No batting was used; instead a pink and white gingham coarsely woven fabric was laid on top of muslin sheeting. The appliqued top (giant butterflies) and backing are tied together with bright yellow yarn. It's a riot of color waiting to be healed.

Pictures to come...

For an inspiring article on teaching quilt history to children, check out this "Sew Mama Sew" post.

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