Virginia presidential primary is tomorrow.

McCain, Huckabee, or Ron Paul? Hm.

Received mainstream, moderate and blue-blood Republican wisdom says McCain.
Received evangelical wisdom says Huckabee.

I'm actually thinking Ron Paul, at this point. He's the only one saying what Reagan said: government isn't part of the solution but part of the problem. Huck especially falls into the "oughta be a law" mentality too much. The Democrats of course have the same problem to the nth degree. It is just astounding how 90% of Republicans are now of the same mind with them.

I don't think Huck has a real chance any more, anyway, so a Ron Paul vote isn't thrown away, but sends a non-Christian-Right-more-Biblically-principled (proper role of gov't) message to the Rep. establishment. Feel free to try to convince me otherwise. I have yet to check out official positions of the candidates, but will do so tonight or tomorrow before voting. Maybe I'll cut and paste interesting bits for you.

By the way, it seems the Huck-McCain race is a good barometer of evangelical strength in the Republican party - as in, it is waning.

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