Bathroom Redo

My parents came a week ago and helped us update our "chicken bathroom." We reused the beadboard ceiling from our dining room (about 15% was damaged from our washing machine leak around Christmas). It was definitely a "fambly projeckt!"

before the renovation: too many patterns and visual distractions for a tiny bathroom

tearing off paneling and wallpaper is just what little boys love to do

painting set up in the garage

Grandpa wears our little guy's favorite letter and wins a constant shadow and helper!

nailing in the last trim piece (note the signature tongue sticking out - a KVO trademark)

finished! no more ugly water valves showing, but still accessible through a handy panel

we even had a ribbon (TP) cutting ceremony, but decided against celebrating with Tootsie Rolls


  1. Anonymous2:17 PM

    You guys really know how to ring in the spring! That's a quick and lovely fix to your poultry room.

  2. Oooh, I like it! But where was the other half of the Michigan work crew? I KNOW she was there....must have been camera shy?

  3. i liked the chicken, but the wallpaper gone is a definite improvement :)

  4. Ok, Sara, my bathroom is next! ;-)