Reverse Engineering

There are a lot of engineers in our family. Lots. My grandpa and father are both inventers of sorts. You could say figuring out how things are put together kind of runs in my blood. Usually this means taking things apart (how fun!) in order to understand how they're put together in the first place. I even had a summer job as a teen where I spent all my time taking apart the armrest/floor console units you find between the front seats of cars.

I'm still love a good creative challenge, especially figuring out how something was done. A friend asked if I could reproduce a knitted bunny she saw. Look at a 3D object, then figure out how to make it 2 dimensionally and sew it up so it's a recognizable 3D form. Hmmm. So far, so good, but the feet are stumping me. I thank my Mechanical Drawing teacher in high school very much (he even had a mechanical arm with a CLAW! I've never seen a room full of high school football jocks show such respect - and fear).
Then I saw a blanket I liked, so I went home and wrote down what I remembered. Here it is, in progress, about 98% accurate to the orginial.

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  1. We are rather fond of bunnies around here. Ben has a knitted one, would you like to borrow it? I like the blanket!