In the Creativity Corner

Someone pointed out that my sidebar list of projects was sorely out of date. So it's now current, and I thought I'd share some pics of what I've been working on lately. It seems that most of my projects have a few loose ends to tie up! I think it's a case of crafting infidelity.

flannel nightgown for daughter, with lots of room to grow (needs 3 buttons)
socks for hubby's b-day, long overdue (only 1/3 of a sock to go!)

yes, I made a new ironing board cover (from thrift store fabric, DONE!)

working on reverse engineering a bunny for a friend (legs and dress to come)

one big fat fern lace afghan (picture shows about how much is done)

American girl doll socks for niece's birthday (DONE!)

And one spring jumper for my daughter, with no picture yet (DONE!)

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