Communion Exhortation - 12/7/08

God speaks to you here at this Table, as he speaks in His Word, at baptism. This is a gift, for we do not deserve to be spoken to. Much less do we deserve to be fed at the family table. Justice would mean no food for anyone. Straight to bed, no supper. Occasionally things get bad enough that we need to do that, but the punishment of law does not motivate like the grace of love does. And here is love. Here is gift. Here is grace, in this bread and wine. We receive food as children at the family table. We have confessed our sins in a posture of confession, kneeling. We now partake of this table in a posture of feasting, being included in the family, being addressed as a member. God speaks and renews His covenant of grace with us here, rooted at the cross. You are forgiven because of Him. You are favored by Him.

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